Cams tree catcams for motor porsche


Improve the performance of your Porsche engine with CATCAMS Cam Trees:

Click on your engine code to know the different cam trees possible:

4-cylinder liquid cooling engines

I-4cyl 8v SOHC (DTx/DTx) 924
I-4cyl 2.5L 8v SOHC (DTH/DTH) 944 Turbo
I-4cyl 3.0L 16v DOHC (DTH/DTH) 944 S2 / 968

Flat 6 air cooling engines

B-6cyl 12v SOHC (RP/RP)
B-6cyl 12v SOHC (RPH/RPH) 993

V8 engines

V-8cyl 4.7L 16v SOHC (DTH/DTH) M28.11/12 928S

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