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Piston engine & forged pistons
Piston engine & forged pistons

Piston engine & forged pistons

the forged pistons are indispensable during the engine preparation.

the forged pistons are stronger and better balanced than the original pistons by their design and material.

Indeed they are made using high-quality aluminum often used in aeronautics, this aluminum then undergoes various stages such as drilling which consists in heating them to obtain a homogeneous material.

As their name suggests the pistons are forged unlike the traditional pistons that are molded. But it doesn’t stop there, then they piston performance are machined on various tools such as machining centers and in the end they can be covered with surface treatment to increase their performance.

There are three main types of pistons:

the forged pistons for the preparation of the Atmo engine. They allow in addition to fiabilized the engine, to increase the volumetric ratio of the prepared engine which will give it a significant gain of power.

the forged pistons for the engine preparation. They allow an increase of power indirectly. If you want to increase the performance of your turbo engine, you will forcely go through the increased power pressure box or switch to a larger turbo. Where the original pistons will reach their point of rupture (casse) forged pistons will be in their "element".

the forged pistons for the atmo to turbo passage. Indeed some basic motors that came out atmo can be prepared by passing through turbo engine. It is enough to mount a turbo or compressor on it to increase power. But you'll have to lower it volumetric ratio the engine to fiabilize it because without it you will run to problems.

The fact of laying forged pistons it is an investment, but it is primarily a guarantee of reliability. We have put it online for you: Forged pistons Wossner - the forged pistons Wiseco - the Forged pistons I or ZRP.

For all models not included, we are able to realize all types of pistons tailored to the forged quality. We will prepare a quote on request with a specific model or plan.

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