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Cam tree catcams for volvo engines


Improve the performance of your Volvo engine with CATCAMS cam trees

Please select below the engine code for your Volvo to see the different CATCAMS camshafts available:

Dust motors

I-4cyl 2.0L 8v OHV B20
I-6cyl 3.0L 12v OHV B30

Long motors

I-4cyl 2.3L 8v SOHC (DTs/DTs) B230 B19 - B21 - B23 - B230
I-4cyl 2.3L 16v DOHC (DTH/DTH) B234

Cross-cutting engines

I-4cyl 1.9L 16v DOHC B4204T
I-5cyl 2.3L 20v DOHC (DTH/DTH) B5234T4 250cv
I-6cyl 2.9L 24v DOHC B6294T

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