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Turbo garrett gtx gen ii
Turbo garrett gtx gen ii

Turbo garrett gtx gen ii

Turbo Garrett GTX Gen II for automotive competition!

More than ever at Garrett!

Generation 2 of GTX turbo has come with even more power key for your prepared engine.

Garrett GTX Gen II turbo are lighter than the first generation, they are also equipped with a location to receive a speed probe for data acquisition.

The new Garrett GTX turbos are available for power from 200 to 2450cv with GTX5533R models!

We've put GTX turbos on line to GTX3582R, but if you want a larger model, no problem we'll be able to provide you.

The Garrett brand is world-wide leader in engine preparation, it is present in all areas whether it's in leisure for Sunday track outputs or in motor racing with the world's largest teams.

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