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Durite aviation black diamond
Black diamond brake durite

Durite aviation black diamond

In this category, we offer durites of aviation brakes. What's the advantage of an aviation durite? This brake durite increases your braking power as it is stainless steel or aluminum shielded which reduces the expansion of the durite when you brake.

The majority of cars have a default rubber brake durite, which is inappropriate to the intensity of a car competition. This section offers for sale a collection of aviation durites designed by the Black Diamond brand that will meet the expectations of a demanding pilot.

An aviation durite for a secure braking

Aviation durite is one of the essential accessories in racing (rallye or circuit) for ever more performance. If you have a performance brake system, however, you need to adapt your vehicle’s automobile equipment, which can be exposed to powerful shocks. The aviation brake durite is therefore a guarantee of safety not to neglect.

We offer in our selection models adapted to a wide range of vehicles. Select your car brand as well as its model to buy your brake durite easily.

Do not hesitate to contact our customer service for any advice regarding the purchase of your brake durite.

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