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Twin engine
Forged engine preparation - swapland

Twin engine

From their design, forged buckets are lighter and better balanced than the original bielles. But forged buckets are also and above all stronger than the original brooms that will not hold too much power increase.

The rods play an important role in the operation of an engine, they are used to transform the rectilinear movement of the pistons into a rotary motion of the vilebrequin. They are subject to very strong constraints and during the engine preparation, these constraints are further increased. It is therefore necessary to opt for the pose of forged buckets replacing your original brooms if you want to fully enjoy the potential of your engine. It would be a shame to have to flirt your racing engine because of bielles not suitable for motor sport.

It should be noted that during a turbo preparation, the bielles will be exerted more effort in "shuffle" while in preparation atmo the "stretch" efforts will be greater due to the increase in engine speed. It is therefore necessary to choose its own right screws Especially if you're atmo.

The bielles are composed of three different parts.

The bucket foot is the part in which the piston axis passes, the bucket head is the part that comes to be fixed on the crankshaft and the bucket body is the part connecting the foot and the head. The body of the forged buckets is usually in "I" or "H".

We offer you here different brands bielles for the competitionn that will allow you to pull the best of your engine.

When you prepare your race engine and you are at the stage of choosing the forged buckets. There are 2 main choices:

1) the first choice is the shape of the ladder, in fact some manufacturers may have in the catalogue of ladders forged in "H" or "I". If you have the choice between the two shapes then you need to know if you are making an atmo or turbo preparation. A "I" bucket will be stronger than a "H" bucket, but will also be heavier so for an atmo preparation it will be more wise to go on "H" buckets while on a turbo preparation you will opt for "I" buckets.

How do I recognize the shape of a broom? Just imagine that we cut the bucket in 2 in its center and look at the shape of the groom. If the cup makes an H it’s a H bucket if it makes an I it’s a bucket in I.

2) The choice of the screwdriver. The choice is made according to the maximum operating speed of the running engine. The ARP2000 screwdriver has a maximum operating speed of 7500 – 8000trs, passed this engine speed you will have to go on the L19 screwdriver for a speed of 8000 – 8500trs and if you want more RPM then you will need the Custom Age 625+ screwdriver.

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