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Poulie tree came
Pulley tree and vilebrequin

Poulie tree came

Adjustable pulleys allow you to hold your distribution in order to maximize the performance of your engine. We advise you to put one or more adjustable pulleys of camshafts during the passage of an engine in Atmo/Turbo or during the installation of camshafts competition.

The choice of your camshaft pulley

Choose the camshaft that it makes you according to the brand of your vehicle (Renault, Peugeot, Volkswagen, BMW...), its model and its engine. We offer you several quality parts available at various prices and using high quality materials ensuring optimal reliability on a daily basis. Each camedy tree pulley offered on our cam shop is thus perfectly adapted to the automotive competition. They will allow you to precisely adjust your cam trees in the best conditions. For any advice regarding the purchase of your camedy tree pulley, please feel free to contact the site team who will respond as soon as possible.

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