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Depression durite
Silicone depression

Depression durite

Depression duritesare small silicone durites useful to connect your different devices.

Depression Durite: Use and Tips

They are generally used for the operation of yourdump-valveor to connect your sensor map to your engine in order to provide overpower pressure to your calculator. Depression durite can also be used to order yourwastegateor yourgasoline pressure regulator.

These durites are very flexibleguarantee good pressure and temperature resistance. This flexibility benefits each Depression durite offered on our shop also brings a great firmness, protecting it from tears. Enjoying a good longevity, they will also easily adapt to your engine configuration. All these qualities make depression durite a tool perfectly adapted to competition and/or motor sport.

Attention to hot areas, likely to deteriorate your durite: if you haveDepression duriteswhich pass close to hot areas, we advise you to protect them from heat with heat sheath.

DesDepression duritesdefective can severely affect the proper functioning of yourprepared engine.

The choice of your silicone depression durite

Our catalogue offers you a full selection of depression durites for your self adapting to your needs and preferences. You can opt for a silicone depression durite with a diameter of 4 to 6 mm in the meter. Finally, our shop offers depression durites to buy at the meter or in 3-metre conditioning (for Samco durites). We remain at your disposal for any inquiries regarding the characteristics or purchase of your depression durite.

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