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Brake disc girodisc
Girodisc brake disc - swapland -

Brake disc girodisc

Sport brake disc Girodisc

Girodisc is an American brand created since 2003 for automotive performance, making high performance brake discs. The aim of this company is to provide high-end brake discs with maximum braking and cooling capacity for motor sport.

These discs are made of two parts, one part on aluminium-made bowl and the other part of the brake disc also called "piste" Girodisc. They mount in place of the original discs of your car without modification, it will be provided to you if need of the stirrup pads and longer screws in case of increase in diameter compared to the original brake disc.

The advantage of being on aluminium bowl instead of cast iron is the weight, indeed we see that Girodisc discs are lighter 1.8 kg to 3.6 kg on average. With this significant weight gain the behaviour of your forward train will only be better, you recover a more lively train, a more precise suspension and a better acceleration.

Certain discs will have a larger diameter than the origin. For better cooling the design of Girodisc discs have incurved internal fins that act as a turbine, which results in the warm air from the centre of the disc to the outside by evacuating it optimally.

Girodisc performance brake discs are intended for people who simply want to improve their time on the circuits!

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