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Universal air/water exchanger
Universal air/water exchanger

Universal air/water exchanger

Intercooler exchanger air universal water:

air / water intercoolersallow your cooling more efficientlyracing enginewhen it is in extreme conditions. The advantage of getting oneexchanger air wateris its weight gain, more robust and better efficiency than an air exchanger. German manufacture the materialthe exchangeris inaluminiumhigh quality, and welds are made at TIG. For an impeccable finish this radiator is polished, and to connect it in water to our class fittings. Different sizes and heights are offered to make the desired mounting.

Careful.exchanger air waterrequires a separate water circuit from the original engine cooling circuit. So you need it with theexchanger a radiatorextra, an electric water pump and a “supply vase”. ♪intercoolersair waterare mainly used in run, oneair exchangerWhen he's more used on track.

You can connect yourintercooler exchanger air waterwith ustubes,elbowsaluminiumorstainless steel, you can also handle them with theSilicone duritespresent on our site.

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