Turbo garrett G-serie
Turborett G-serie.

Turbo garrett G-serie

Last born from the Garrett brand, the G-Serie range!

Intake side:

The g-series turbos use an even more powerful new compressor wheel, for example you have a 15% higher output on the 60mm diameter and 30% on the 67mm compared to the GEN2 GTX!

The speed sensor can now be simply connected to the intake cardr.

The central part:

The fixation between the CHRA and the exhaust body is done by a V-band which allows a 360° orientation.

The CHRA consists of 4 water inputs/outputs for dash6 cooling to facilitate connection.

It is also delivered with its oil restrictor, you just need to connect to Dash4 on this one.

Combined seals to reduce the risk of oil leakage.

Exhaust side:

The G-serie turbo exhaust wheel is completely redesigned for better performance, it is made up of a new Mar-M material and supports up to 1050°C. The flow rate can be increased from 15% to 20% compared to a GTX.

All G-25 exhaust carters are in stainless steel and are resistant to 1050°C.

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