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Shifters / levers
Short shifters / racing speed levers - swapland

Shifters / levers

What's worse than a capricious gear lever. Our range of products short shifterCoolerworx At hand will make the pilot feel a precision as he sees the lever as an extension of his own arm.

Our high performance racing speed levers eliminate the game and facilitate the transition of relationships with a shortened amplitude while increasing precision. Made from aviation quality aluminum and teflon rings and then anodized to prevent corrosion, these short shifters promise irreproachable solidity and durability. Moreover their ergonomics with the anti-slip apple and their length will bring them closer to the steering wheel to offer the drivers the best conditions to perform.

These models are designed to easily replace the original lever and are available in different colours. Although the amplitude of the lever is reduced this does not impact the race of the original cables.

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