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Intercooler airtec
Intercooler airtec - swapland

Intercooler airtec

Enjoy our AIRTEC range of exchangers for your engine preparation.

The objective of an exchanger is to reduce the compressed air temperature by the turbo, in order to maximize the efficiency of your engine. In turn, the turbo powered by the exhaust gas compresses the air that enters the engine, but the problem is the temperature increase of the engine. A hot air that fits into the engine degrades its performance, the solution to cool this compressed air is to put an air exchanger or also called intercooler.

The exchangers we offer here, allow optimum heat dissipation while offering good pressure. Whether it's for an upgrade to your original configuration or for a swap, from the moment you have a turbo, you need an exchanger.

The Airtec brand provides competitive parts for various automotive brands.

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