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V-band titanium
V-band titane - swapland

V-band titanium

One.V-bandis composed of two titanium rings to weld directly on the parts to connect together your exhaust system like e.g. the exhaust descent to the line. Once each ring is welded on their respective part, a V-shaped titanium collar maintains both parts together. This necklace is tightened by a screw and thanks to its V shape you tighten the more you "shake" the two rings one against the other. Thanks to this simple and efficient system your line is perfectly maintained and is waterproof.

The other advantage ofV-bandis that by simply dispelling the screw of the necklace you disassemble and go up your line in two minutes chrono. A lot simpler than a system of equilibrium that deforms to the clamping and ends up massing for the dismantling.

No more nerve attacks with V-band kits!

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