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Forged zrp

ZRP rods are forged from high strength steel 4340. They are designed for high performance and extreme durability. They are intended for extreme use thanks to their H or I shape according to the model. Some models of forged buckets are available in "light" version and intended for running engines wishing to take a maximum of laps per minute.

These ZRP rods can support up to 200cv per cylinder while keeping a very attractive price!

The ZRP competitions are delivered with ARP 2000 or ARP8740 screwdriver, this screwdriver is 100% effective up to 8000trs/mn.

The ZRP forged blades are machined on a digital control machine with a precision of 0.0003mm and have a tolerance interval at the weight of ±1grs. Barrows undergo numerous controls at each manufacturing stage. They are then tested on machine to be sure they will be able to withstand a minimum of 200cv per cylinder.

Each ZRP rod has the following technical characteristics:

- Two forged parts for high resistance
- Proven against folds and twists
- Made by digital order
- Multistage thermal treatment for maximum resistance and dimensional stability
- Tested for FEA virtual tests

Link for the mounting instruction of the ZRP rods:https://zrp-rods.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/ZRP-Connecting-rods-Installation-instructions-2019.pdf

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