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Coussinet of tri-metal bielle ACL - Swapland -


Coussinets of reinforced bielles ACL for motor. Make your motor a maximum thanks to the range of trimthal pads from home ACL.

The brand ACL is an Australian brand recognized worldwide for the quality of its materials and for its know-how in the field of automotive competition.

Reinforced broom pads are ideal when you start to increase the power of your engine or even if you use it in extreme conditions.

We distinguish two sets of pads ACL, the "H" range and the "HX" range. The "HX" or "X-version" range is thinner than the H range.

Quality does not change between H or HX.

To choose your pads, you need to know the reference of your engine.

How to read a reference ACL:

Example: 4B1489H0.025

4B1489 = internal reference ACL

H = range "H"

0.025 = number +0.025mm for rectified vilebrequin (if no number then number origin)

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