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Kit embrayage pour moteur Nissan SR avec boite BMW M57 / E46 S54 M3

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Kit conversion stage 1 Nissan SR20 SR20DE SR20DET for BMW M57 ZF GS5-39DZ gearbox / BMW E46 S54 M3:

The kit allows you to mount a Nissan SR20 SR20 SR20DET a BMW speed box easily with its adapter plate.

Compatible engine:

Nissan SR20DE

Nissan SR20DET

Compatible speed box:

BMW S54 E46 M3 GETRAG 420 TBAI 226.0.0440.97 6-speed

BMW M57 Diesel ZF GS5-39DZ THBA THBM THBG THBK THBC 5-speed 23 00 7 501 342 / 23 00 7 508 772 / 23 00 7 518 077 / 23 00 1 434 505

BMW E39 530D 525D

BMW E46 330D 1434256 ZF 1065401011

Composition of the kit:

Together with clutchYes
Engine typeSimple disk
Clutch typeSachs Performance 883082,001243
PurposeClean at speed box
Clutch knob requiredClean at speed box
Maximum torque800 Nm
Start requiredNissan SR origin
Adjustment plate thickness20 mm
Replaceable clutch discYes
Kit includesAluminum gearbox adapter
Vis for gearbox
Vilebrequin screw kit
Clutch lid kit
Pressure tray
Fried disc 240 mm 28 X 35-10N
Code kit F0BMW (845), K0M50-240-SR (1022), SACHS 243 (1694), 240-28X35-10N (1055)
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