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Bmw S14B23 2.3L 16V HAUTE COMPRESSION forged piston kit Wiseco


BMW M3 E30 2L3 16v S14B23 RV12

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The piston kit Wiseco for Bmwincludes pistons, segments, circlips and axes.


Select the overcrowded in mm from the drop-down menu to know the rate.


Adaptable pistons are reserved for competition



OEM engine details :2,3 LTR 24VEngine code:S14B23Cylinder:1991 CCnbr Soupper:16,00R/V10.5:1
Damage:80,00Race:66,00Block height:217,50Volume Culasse:42.50
Reference #(mm)CoastalAxis heightDome / Dish cc'sR/VØ axisRef Segment #WeightNotes
KE112M94940.632_2 FT12.0:1229400XX3911,R
KE112M942594.250.8532_2 FT12.0:1229425XX3951,M,R
KE112M94594.51,132_2 FT12.0:1229450XX3981,R

Notes for piston kits
1Most pistons Wiseco They've got goupes. The pins must be shifted in the same way as the OEMs for the fastest operation
2Due to a high volumetric ratio, it is recommended to use a crease joint 1,00 mm thick
4Use extra deep valve fingerprints to widen the range of I-Vtec / Vanos with high-rise / high cams and fresh heads
6 TThese pistons have a lower oil segment than the original one. Will not work with shirts with access hole if the oil ring is not pinned in place
AThe segments must be adjusted to the borehole
BRollers included
CStroker kit for B25 stroker
DWeight reduction possible
EWith valve prints unlike the K557M series
FFSR Series (forged lateral relief)
GOnly with brooms 2,5 litres
HBased on the Volvo 23 mm Ford OEM 21 mm
IJE Pistons skirt covering
JEngine Mini Tritec
KThe compression ratio depends on the ass used
L20 mm cup - OEM = 20.65 mm (13/16)
MMade on order (4 pieces minimum)
NAluminum block such as Alusil®, Lokasil®, Silitec®, DiASil, Mercosil, ALBOND®, FRM, MMC, recommended with shirt or Nicasil
OVR6 cylinder sets are in stock, can be used
PThe piston guides the bucket, required puck
QModification or removal of the required oil gicler or use of suitable tins, please make sure to check the set of the bucket with the oil gicler when moving
RFull round skirt with or without lateral bleached relief
SAsymmetric FSR series
TAccept Turbo and Nitro
UThe ass is the opposite on the Eclipse compared to the last EVO
VAccept Nitro and E8
WR/V calculated with the original ash joint
XR/V calculated with ash joint 1,00 mm
Y3D undercrown vintage included
ZAlusil® suitable
PSJE Pistons skirt covering
ULUltra series (roll holes for gas, accumulation grooves, skirt coating, ceramic head coating, improved axes)
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